Diamond Engagement Ring in San Diego California

Hello, my name is Dave and I live in California, I’m currently shopping around for a diamond engagement ring for my girlfriend of 5 years, we’re both 23 and were friends in high school. She’s been leaving me hints all around our house about getting married and I think now is the right time to do so. I’ve been looking for the perfect ring for a couple of months now and to be honest I’m not having much luck, I thought it would be easy as walking into a shop and picking one but it’s turned out to be more of a deal than that.

I’ve looked in what feels like every jewelry store in San Diego for the ‘perfect’ ring for her as she has quite the specific taste and I’d hate for her to be disappointed in it as she’s the most important person in my life. She’s a rather classy kind of woman so the style, and what the ring is made is so important.

Money is a concern of mine as I’m still paying off some of my college loans and I’m only a paralegal at a local law firm, meaning I’m not on billions of bucks a year, looking to build my way up though in the future. This does mean that the money isn’t rolling in and with rent and bills, the ring can’t be over $1000. But if it was exactly what I’m looking for then I’d look at maybe increasing my budget as I want the best I can get for her.

I’ve tried my best over the last few months, searching for a ring and I’m still trying right now to find out what style cut she wants of the diamond, there are so many to choose from!

I don’t think she would be best pleased if I just got the first one I saw but by the sounds of it, and the way she hints about liking my mothers engagement ring it looks like she would prefer a princess cut diamond.

The shops I’ve been into so far have been really helpful, especially giving me advice on what style cut is in fashion at the moment or what will always be in fashion so the over the years it doesn’t look dated. The stylishness of the ring is really important considering she’s an fashion intern, so it needs to be something that is timeless and she hopefully wont mind wearing for what could be the next 60 years.

The shops in San Diego have had a wide range of engagement rings but I just haven’t seen anything I like for her just yet but I’m hoping that I’ll find something soon, before she gets sick of waiting and ends up proposing to me. Although I’ve got the plan for the proposal already sorted, outside our old high school here in California where we had our first kiss, so I need a perfect ring to go with the perfect proposal.

I’m hoping that I’ll find that ring for her and it’ll jump out at me. I’d also like it if  the price tag doesn’t make too much of a dent in my bank balance. If the ring does come out at more than $1000 then I’ll look at borrowing the money from my parents to pay for it, but if I can find what I’m looking for under $1000 then I’d much prefer that. My mother came with me the first time shopping for a ring for my fiancee to be, it was good having a woman’s perceptive on it, even if she did start picking out potential birthday presents for herself. There were a number of rings like my mothers herself and a few of them I’ve got pictures of and am considering because as I mentioned before she likes the style of my mothers engagement ring.

My future wife and I only moved in with each other last year and I’ve toyed with the idea of getting married a number of times over the years but we sort of decided that we’d wait until we moved out of my parents house and into our own place in San Diego before looking at getting married. Now that we’ve moved out, it seems like the right time and her dropping hints at every chance also gives me the inkling that she is thinking the same thing.

I know I want to buy her a ring that’s white gold with a diamond, so a basic diamond engagement ring, but it needs to have some sort of class and style about it, I would have just bought any ring but I’m determined to get her a ring that will make the whole thing memorable and seeing her face light up when she sees it (and hopefully says yes) will just make it so much more worthwhile.

My girlfriend also has quite small hands and fingers so I don’t want something too large that’ll take over her whole hand but something that people will notice when she’s out grocery shopping or at work. I’d like an engagement ring for her that has some creditability to it so that she can show it off with her girlfriends. Another reason I want the ring to be simple is because she doesn’t generally wear any rings or watches so something that isn’t too big and getting in the way is what I’d like to get for her.

As I said, I’ve been looking for a few months now, I generally go out during my lunch break and look around some of the shops, I’ve seen a few that have been nice enough but nothing that has what I’m looking for just yet. I’ve considered shopping online but I think it’s better if I get one in the San Diego area, so that in the case that she doesn’t like it we could go back to the store and pick something that she does actually like!

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