Hitting the Jackpot in Jacksonville


When my family moved us to Jacksonville several years ago, I thought I would never speak to them again. I was happy living in south Florida and moving up to the northern part of the state is like living in the boonies. But I have changed my mind and have found it to be beautiful and wonderful living here. I even get to experience more of the seasons than when I did in Miami. Jacksonville gets quite cold in the winter time whereas Miami is always warm no matter what time of year.

Diamond and Sapphire earrings

My mom is going to be celebrating her fiftieth birthday soon and I have been saving my money to get her something special—diamond earrings. Since I do not have a lot of time to shop between school and work, I really need to quickly find stunning diamond earrings priced under eight hundred dollars in Jacksonville, Florida. I know my mom would love diamond earrings—what woman wouldn’t?

Because my work does not end until six o’clock and most jewelry stores close around seven o’clock, I made arrangements to leave work early today so I would not feel so rushed and could take my time shopping for earrings. My boss had no problem with me leaving before six since I never miss a day and often stay later to finish up whatever needs to be done. Today I will leave at four o’clock and then make my way to the jewelry store near my office that I scoped out a few times. They had quite a few pairs of earrings that I really liked. I hope their prices are something I really like too.

To walk into the store is like hitting the jewelry jackpot. There are cases beyond cases of jewelry—everything from contemporary styles to more conservative, traditional styles. The store even has a section for estate jewelry. If I cannot find something here, then I may be in big trouble because I cannot imagine another store having this much.

All of a sudden I hear a voice from behind me asking me if he can help me.

“Hi,” I say back. “Can you tell me where your diamond earrings are? I am interested in buying them for my mom.”

“Well aren’t you a nice daughter,” he says to me. “Step this way with me and I will show you what I have.”

He shows me a display case that is filled with diamond jewelry. However, I am only interested in the earrings so I focus on only that. But it is not difficult to be easily distracted by all the other stuff that I see. Unfortunately, I can see some of the price tags on the earrings and none of them are even close to my budget.

“I know this may sound crazy,” I begin to tell the man. “But I really need a pair of earrings that are less than eight hundred dollars. Do you have any?”

The man looks around the store as he thinks. Then he suddenly asks me to follow him over to another part of the store where the estate jewelry is on display.

“All of this jewelry in here was previously owned and sold to us,” he explains. “So you may be able to find something closer to your budget in here.”

I sure hope this case of jewelry is more affordable than the other. Again, I focus on the earrings despite the fact that there are so many beautiful pieces to look at. As I gaze from one pair of earrings to another, I notice a sweet little pair of sapphire and diamond stud earrings. This round pair has one single diamond surrounded by many very small sapphires. They are really deep blue in color which makes the center diamond stand out even more than it already does.

“How much are these earrings?” I ask the man.

He takes them out of the case and looks at the tag. He then proceeds to tell me that the earrings are seven hundred and fifteen dollars. Jackpot! This makes me so happy that I nearly hug the salesman from excitement.

I pay for the earrings and the salesman is kind enough to clean them for me and put them in a matching blue velvet box. I cannot wait to give these stunning earrings to my mom. I just know she is going to be so surprised and speechless after she sees them.

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Diamonds and Rubies for My Wife, My Cutie


I love living in Cleveland and have for the past ten years. When I first moved out here with my wife, she was not happy about leaving New York City to start a life with me in Ohio. Even though Cleveland is a big city, it certainly is not Manhattan. But my job situation brought us here and we have made quite a nice life for ourselves. In fact, next week is our tenth wedding anniversary and I need to find beautiful diamond bracelets priced under seven hundred dollars in Cleveland, Ohio pretty fast.

Diamond and Ruby Tennis Bracelet

My wife has been hinting that a ten-year anniversary is a big one which means I need to do something super special. I would love to take her away for a long weekend, but our schedules are just too chaotic to accommodate that. But I do know how much my wife loves jewelry and since she does not have a diamond bracelet, this big anniversary is the perfect time to give her one.

The plan was to do my research online and figure out which stores have bracelets in my price range. That plan worked out wonderfully because I narrowed it down to two or three places which saved me a lot of time. I had been cleverly doing my research either at work or in my home office while my wife was at the gym. This worked out perfectly and she did not suspect a thing. And now that I have my top three places to go to, this should be a really easy process—so I hope.

Store number one is located downtown in Cleveland which means parking is a bit of a hassle. Because I am doing this on a Saturday afternoon while my wife is out running errands, I am just going to have to suck it up and deal with the insane amount of people here who are either visiting or doing whatever it is they need to do on a Saturday in downtown Cleveland. Good thing I am so familiar with this city and know where to park that is not too far away.

After I park, the walk to the store is only three blocks—not so bad considering how crowded thestreets are with people. The store is right on the corner and easy to spot with all the blinking signs in the window that read “Jewelry” and “Best Prices in Town”. When I walk in, there is no one inside the store. I hope this is not a bad sign. I guess I am about to find out.

“Hello there,” says a man who is standing off to the side as if he was guarding the jewelry. “Can I help you with something today?”

“Yes,” I responded. “I would like to take a look at your diamond bracelets if I could.”

“You sure can,” he says. “Follow me over here.”

I follow him to a display case that is filled with bracelets made up of every gem and type of gold possible. If I had no idea what type of bracelet to get my wife before I got here, I now see that will not be a problem at all because the selection is overwhelming and impressive.

The man lets me take my time looking over the bracelets until I find one I like. With so many to choose from, the only problem is picking only one to buy. They are all so beautiful! I look at each one slowly while trying to figure out which one will look best on my wife. And then there it was—the perfect one!

This bracelet was set in platinum and had emerald cut diamonds interchanged with emerald cut rubies. Ruby happens to be my wife’s birthstone. I loved the bezel setting of the stones and how nicely the rubies and diamonds complimented each other.

“How much is this bracelet?” I asked the man.

“This is one of our estate pieces,” he said. “So because it is not brand new and was previously owned by someone, the cost is six hundred and ninety dollars.”

Well, that could not have been more on target if I tried—perfect bracelet at the most perfect price. I told the man I would take it and asked if he had a really nice red box for it. He had a velvet one which, again, was perfect. I paid for the bracelet and quickly went home to hide it so that my wife would not discover it before our anniversary.

Wow!She is going to be surprised when she sees what I got her. Even though she has hinted for a while that she would love a diamond bracelet, I think she gave up hope after ten years of trying, but this year she is going to be in for the shock of her life!



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A Proposal in Provo


Provo has got to be one of the most spectacular and breathtaking places I have ever visited. The mountains are overwhelming and the landscape takes you away to another place because it is so hard to believe that this is part of the great country in which I live. My home is all the way across the country in Michigan and it has always been a dream of mind to travel out west and see the rest of the United States. I had read a lot about Provo so I made it my first stop on my two-week excursion out west with my girlfriend. While I am here, I want to see if I can find beautiful diamond rings priced under nine hundred dollars in Provo, Utah. I would love to propose to my girlfriend while we are here. It would be the most memorable way to start our life together.

Cheap diamond promise solitaire ring

After seven years, I definitely think it is time I popped the question. We have spoken about it and we both want to take that plunge into marriage. But the timing has never been perfect with me finishing up grad school and her going through a lot of family issues. The truth is, life will always be filled with stuff to deal with so there is no sense in putting off something we know we both want. That is why I want to propose here and now while we are away from all the chaos and stress of our daily lives. I just need the ring to be inexpensive since I do not have a huge budget to work with for this.

When morning came, the two of us enjoyed an outdoor breakfast. My girlfriend was feeling a bit tired and run down from all the rock climbing we did the day before so she wanted to take it easy. I suggested she spend some time by the pool at our hotel and I would go get some snacks for us to enjoy later. She thought that was a great idea. Of course, in addition to getting snacks, I also went to a local jeweler I had looked up online to see when they would be open.

The store was about ten minutes from the hotel and very easy to find. It had a rustic, old western feel to it that was really neat. I walked inside and started to look around at the rings.

“Hi there,” said a woman’s voice. “Can I help you with something today?”

“Yes,” I answered. “Do you have any really inexpensive diamond rings that I can see?”

She asked me just how inexpensive I was talking about and I explained to her that it had to be less than nine hundred dollars. She had a look as if I was asking for something impossible which I did not take as a good sign.

“Okay,” she said. “I may have something small, but it has a diamond and is probably priced low enough for you.”


With that said, I followed her over to another part of the store to check out what she had. She took out a diamond ring that was set in ten carat white gold (she told me this because I would have never known). The diamond was very small and in a round cut. According to her, it was about a quarter of a carat and not the highest quality color and clarity. Again, this is nothing I would have known by myself. The band had these wave-like openings in them on either side of the diamond that gave it a bit of a fancy look to it. Honestly, as small as the diamond was, it was exactly the type of ring I was looking for and thought would be perfect. I asked the saleswoman how much the ring cost.

“The price is seven hundred and ninety-nine dollars,” she told me.

I felt like I just hit the lottery after she told me that. Even though it was small and not the best quality, I still figured it would cost much higher than what my budget would allow. I was so pleased to find out otherwise.

The woman asked if I wanted it and I said yes. Now I just hope my girlfriend will say yes as well after I ask her to marry me. She is going to be so surprised when I finally pop the question. All I have to do now is book a nice dinner at the restaurant the two of us were thinking about trying tonight, buy some flowers and work up my courage to propose. Oh yeah—I have to buy some snacks too to bring back to her!

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Pretty in Pink


Now I really do not need a diamond watch, but when my parents asked me what I want for a graduation gift, that is what came out of my mouth. The truth is, I saw some really stunning diamond watches priced under eight hundred dollars in Austin, Texas a few weeks ago and they have been on my mind ever since. So when my mom asked if there was something special I wanted, I immediately thought of those watches. Surprisingly enough, my parents agreed to get me one. The only catch is that I need to keep the cost less than eight hundred dollars. I think I can do that.

Pink ladies diamond watch

Since my parents are not completely sure what type of diamond watch I want, I agreed that we should look for one together. My dad, however, decided that three was a crowd (probably because he hates shopping) so just my mother and I went to look. That was fine with both of us. Dad gets grouchy when he is doing something he does not like and I do not want my day ruined. After all, getting a diamond watch is supposed to be fun and exciting, right?

Saturday afternoon came and mom and I were off to the jewelry store where I had seen those beautiful diamond watches. I just hope they are still there—and cheap! As we drove away, we waved to my father who was watching us leave through the window. I think he is very thankful we are going without him so he can sit home and relax. As for mom and I, we were excited he was staying home too.

When we arrived at the store, something did not seem right. The store was half empty and boxes were lined up all over the place. It looked as if the store was either moving or going out of business. Some of the display cases were completely empty. My heart sank as I started to feel like I was not going to find my diamond watch—at least not in this place.

As I walked the store looking puzzled and confused, a man came over to my mother and I and asked if we needed any help.

“Yeah,” I responded. “I saw you had diamond watches a few weeks ago when I walked by here. Do you still have any?”

“I still have a few,” he answered. “Come with me and we can see what is left.”

My mom asked the man if he was closing his business, remodeling or moving his store. He explained to us that the owner of the store passed away and his relatives do not want to take over so they decided to close up shop. He seemed sad about it, but then told us he is already starting a new job in two weeks so he will not have to worry about being unemployed. That was good news.

We got to the watch display and there were actually a lot more to choose from than I thought. I guess most people want earrings, necklaces and bracelets and not so much watches. That is fine—more for me to choose from and buy.

I looked inside the display cabinet and saw a watch that I instantly fell in love with. It was pink—my favorite color. The band was pink leather and the round face was all pink as well. Diamonds adorned the perimeter of the entire face. There were clusters of them in three rows and all set in silver. I had to ask how much this watch cost.

“Well,” said the man. “Normally this watch would cost almost a thousand dollars because of all the diamonds, but for you, I will only charge you seven hundred.”

I guess it pays to be nice because I never expected a watch with so many diamonds to be that inexpensive. My mom told me to try it on to see if I liked the way it looked on my wrist. Sure enough, it looked beautiful. She asked me if I was sure if this was the watch I wanted and I gave her a very ecstatic “yes”.

My mom paid for the watch and even let me wear it home so I can show my father. I am so glad I spotted this place a few weeks back because I do not know if I would ever come across such a stunning watch at such an affordable price. My mom was even more excited that we were able to do this on our first shot and not spend endless hours shopping store to store. Sure, she loves to shop, but usually when it is for herself. This time it was all about me!

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Touring Tampa and Diamond Deals


My family and I are in the midst of a great vacation here in Tampa. Usually my wife and I take the kids to Disney World, but this year we decided to go a little bit more north and see what else Florida has to offer. We have visited Tampa in the past, but never really experienced much of the city. So far we have gone to Kennedy Space Center, which my wife and I enjoyed a lot more than the kids, and Busch Gardens, which my kids enjoyed a lot more than my wife and I. Today, we are going into downtown Tampa to see what the city is like. While we are touring, I think I am going to see if I can find inexpensive diamond bracelets priced under six hundred dollars in Tampa, Florida. My sister’s fortieth birthday is coming up and I want to get her something special.


A coworker had told me that Tampa has some great deals. She had been here a few times and got some really cheap jewelry, clothing and even some art work at a local gallery. I hope I have the same great luck as her. I need to keep my budget under six hundred dollars and diamonds cost a lot of money so who knows what I will find.

While my wife, our kids and I were strolling through the streets of Tampa, we stumbled upon a jewelry store that had some beautiful stuff in their front windows. My wife actually noticed it before I did. We decided to go inside to see what else they had.

The store definitely had a Florida feel to it. Lots of aqua, pink and orange adorned the walls and there was even a Mickey Mouse cuckoo clock hanging on the back wall. You could not forget that you were in Florida in this store.

“Hi folks,” said a man’s voice from the back of the store. “What can I help you with today?”

I told the man I was interested in getting a diamond bracelet. He immediately looked at my wife and smiled.

“Well, you are one lucky lady,” he said to her.

“Oh, it is not for me,” explained my wife. “My sister-in-law is turning forty so my husband needs to find her something special.”

After a few more pleasantries were exchanged, the man led us over to where the bracelets were on display. The kids were bored so they just sat at the front of the store in a seated area. I guess they know how kids are in jewelry stores so the owners set up these chairs so that they will not touch anything they are not supposed to. That is pretty smart thinking on their part.

My wife and I looked at the bracelets. She knows better about this stuff than me so I needed her to help me find something nice. The two of us looked for a few minutes until my wife spotted something and called me over to take a peek.

“What do you think of this one?” she asked me.

The bracelet was white gold with small emerald cut diamonds all around it. It was not particularly fancy or exploding with style, but it had a very classy and expensive look to it that I really liked. Of course, I hope it is not as expensive as it looks.

“How much is this bracelet?” my wife asked the salesman.

He came over and took the bracelet out of the case to check the price.

“This one is five hundred and forty dollars,” he told us.

I wondered why it was a lot cheaper than it looked. He explained that the gold is ten carat, not fourteen carat, so that brings the price down a bit. Honestly, my wife and I could barely tell the difference. I hope my sister can barely tell the difference as well because this was definitely going to be her birthday gift.

My wife tried it on just so I could see how it would look on a woman’s arm. We agreed it was perfect. I told the man I would take it and gave him my credit card. After that was done, my wife and I collected our kids who were still sitting patiently in the waiting area at the front of the store. Because they were so good, we treated them to some ice cream which they enjoyed. Hey, after getting this great deal on a diamond bracelet, I was in a pretty good, celebratory mood.

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A Big Win and Diamond Earrings


Every summer, my wife and I spend a weekend in Atlantic City. We love to gamble, but traveling to Las Vegas is too far and Atlantic City is just a short two-hour drive from our house in New York. We always stay at Bally’s hotel. For whatever reason, we always felt comfortable there from our very first visit and every one thereafter. I promised my wife that if I win big at the casino, I will get her a pair of diamond earrings—something she has been bugging me about for quite some time. So while I am at the poker and blackjack tables, I will be thinking about buying some gorgeous diamond earrings priced under nine hundred dollars in Atlantic City.

Diamond Drop Earrings

Why nine hundred dollars? Well, I have never been one to win big. The best I ever did at a blackjack table was two thousand dollars. I was ecstatic when that happened because I had been playing for at least two hours before I finally won. But I know I will never have that kind of luck so I told my wife that I have to win a lot to afford a great pair of diamond earrings. I figured something under nine hundred dollars should be safe.

After dinner, my wife and I split up and go about our separate ways. It may sound unromantic, but we are here to gamble. She only likes to play the slots while I am more of a blackjack and poker kind of person. I take a walk around the casino until I find which table to play. I see one that only has one man sitting there so it looks like a good place to start—not too busy. I sit down next to the man and nod my head hello. The dealer gives me my cards and what do you know—blackjack! I wait for the man to show his hand and he is out. I then show the dealer my hand and I beat her as well. Now I am up fifty bucks. I decided to stay at this table as my luck seems to be going in the right direction.

As I sat there playing, my wife came running over to me screaming and yelling in excitement. She won—a lot—in a slot machine.

“You will never guess what happened?” she said as she panted from the running she just did. “I did it—I hit the jackpot!”

“What jackpot?” I asked.

“The one where if you get three cherries in a row, you win five thousand dollars!” she exclaimed.

And here I was so excited about winning fifty dollars on my first hand of blackjack. Little did I know my wife was the real gambler. After she calmed down a bit, I cashed out at my table and left with her. The first thing she wanted to do after cashing in her winnings was to hit the jewelry store. We agreed that since she won, she can buy herself the diamond earrings and she was just fine with that as long as we went right now.

Bally’s always has great shops and their jewelry store is really something special. When we walked in, she headed straight to the earring section and scoped out the selection. It took her a few minutes, but then she finally found something she liked and called the saleswoman over to help her.

“Hi, can I help you?” asked the saleswoman.

“Yes. I would like to see these earrings if you do not mind,” my wife answered.

The saleswoman took them out of the case and handed them to my wife to try on her ears. They were a very simple pair of white gold diamond drop earrings. It was basically a white gold loop with a single diamond hanging off of it. The earrings were nothing overly fancy or dramatic looking, but they were very classy. I could not help but notice how beautiful they looked on my wife.

“How much are these?” my wife asked.

“Those earrings are eight hundred dollars,” responded the saleswoman.

Well, since my wife won five thousand dollars, eight hundred is a small drop in the bucket. She asked me what I thought of them and I told her she looked absolutely gorgeous, which she did. My wife told the saleswoman she was going to buy them.

After we paid, my wife gave me a big hug and kiss. I was not sure why since technically I did not buy her the earrings as I promised. She told me she loved me and now the pressure is off of me to win big since she did that and got her earrings. I have to say, I could not agree more. Now I can just gamble and not worry about whether I win or lose.


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A Beautiful Brooch Priced for an Awesome Aunt


What do you get someone who has everything? That is my dilemma as I need to get a gift for my aunt’s upcoming birthday. She is going to be sixty and she does not need anything and when I ask her what she would like for her birthday, she tells me she does not want anything at all. That certainly does not help me one bit. I am leaning towards getting a piece of jewelry because she is always wearing pretty rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Of course, she has a bunch of that already so I am going to be bold and get her something she does not have—a diamond brooch.

Diamond and Pearl Brooch 2

I think she will like that as an accent piece on some of her jackets. She volunteers at a hospital working at the reception desk and has to wear a jacket. This would be a nice way to jazz up the boring blue blazer they give her to wear while on duty. Now that I made my decision, I am off to find beautiful diamond brooches priced under five hundred dollars in New Haven, Connecticut.

Since I have lived in New Haven most of my life, I know exactly where to go to find what I need. Downtown has a lot of great jewelry shops, but there is one mom-and-pop shop that has the best prices and the greatest selection of jewelry. I have gotten several things there for myself and for other members of my family. Last year, I got my best friend a charm for her bracelet that she absolutely loves. I have high hopes that I will have the same great luck there in finding a brooch.

While I walk into the store, I can see the owner, Glenn, helping a customer. He nods his head to me as he continues talking to the elderly lady. Glenn knows me pretty well since I am in here a lot. Good for him since I know exactly where the brooches are located so I do not need to interrupt him to help me. However, I have never really shopped for a brooch before so I am not sure what I am looking at or what is best. But since I see they come in so many eclectic designs and colors, I guess it is up to me to decide which one is perfect for my aunt.

I can honestly say that having never had much of an interest in brooches, it is fun to see something new. Many of the designs are pretty out there, but there are also many that are very traditional and conservative. My aunt is more of a free spirit so I think I need to stay away from the ones that seem better suited for a much older person.

“Hello again,” Glenn says as he comes my way. “So now you want a brooch, huh?”

“Well, actually it is not for me. It is for my aunt,” I explain to him.

“Do you know what kind of brooch you want?” he asks.

I point out a brooch that I see that I really like for my aunt. It looks like a sun and in the middle of it is a flower that has a pearl for its center and diamonds for its short leaves. Coming off the flower are lots of slightly slanted lines as if it is blooming a second time. Little pearls adorn the lines in differing places. It haa some elegance, some style and is a bit funky looking too. My aunt will definitely get a kick out of wearing this.

“How much is this brooch?” I ask Glenn.

“Oh, my wife just loves that brooch,” he tells me. “She is going to hate me when I sell it. Let me take it out and see what the tag says.”

Glenn takes the brooch out of the case and looks at the tag. He then proceeds to tell me it costs four hundred dollars. That is the best news! My budget is five hundred dollars so this is perfect. I tell Glenn that I will take it and to send my apologies to his wife for taking her favorite piece of jewelry.

I knew that store would have exactly what I needed. I sure hope my aunt likes this very different gift I am going to give her. At least I know she has nothing else like it at home.


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Exploring and Splurging in Manchester


Living in New Hampshire is like living in my own private winter getaway. I absolutely love the lifestyle here—snowy and cold in the winter, warm and sunny in the summer. I get to experience all the seasons at their best. But winter is by far my favorite time of year. The snow-covered trees, mountains and lawns are the most awesome looking landscapes anyone will ever see. Of course, winter is over now so I am enjoying the warmer weather and getting a chance to explore more of this great state since I have only been here a year. My first thing is to go and try to find some exquisite diamond pendants priced under four hundred dollars in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Diamond Yellow White Gold Pendant

The reason for this splurge is that I have a yellow gold box chain necklace that needs a pendant. My parents told me if I find a diamond pendant that I like, they would get it for me. However, it has to cost less than four hundred dollars. I figured this would be a great opportunity to shop while exploring Manchester at the same time.

This city is so big considering how small New Hampshire is, but I like that I get the best of city life with country life here. I actually think more people live in Manchester than in all of New Hampshire put together. I found a place to park and just started walking into the city finding whatever I could.

So many cafes, stores, boutiques and coffee shops line the streets. I see many major businesses downtown as well. It is like a real bustling metropolitan city—a bit of a surprise to me as I was expecting a smaller, more rural-like atmosphere. But all is good and I love every second I am here. As I turned a corner, I saw a very interesting jewelry store that seemed to be calling my name.

You never know what you are going to find when you walk into a store not knowing anything about it. I just hope this store is affordable and not one of those fancy, over-the-top places that are only for the rich and famous.

I walked in and started peeking around at everything on display. Suddenly a man steps out from a back room and greets me with a smile.

“How are you today?” he asks. “Can I help you find something?”

“Yes,” I answer back. “I would like to see some of your diamond pendants if you have any.”

“We sure do,” he tells me. “Step this way.”

I quickly follow him over to a section of the store that seems to be dedicated to diamonds. There were diamond earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, brooches and pendants. You name it,you could getit in diamonds. I just went straight over to where the pendants were being displayed. What an unbelievable amount of pendants this guy had in his store. I was overwhelmed.

I was looking for something a bit out of the ordinary when lo and behold there it was—a really unique and unusual pendant. It was a circle, but one side was yellow gold and the other was sterling silver. The two halves were offset from each other so they looked like two moons facing each other with one beautiful diamond right in the middle of it. Not only would this be perfect for my yellow gold chain, but for all my sterling silver ones as well.

“Hi,” I called out to the man. “How much does this pendant cost?”

“Let me take it out and look at it and I will be able to tell you,”he answered.

He took the pendant out and looked at the tag. He said the price was three hundred and seventy dollars. I was shocked by how inexpensive it was and asked him why. He informed me that because the pendant has silver and not white gold, that brings the price down a bit. I was also informed that the diamond was not the best overall quality. That really did not matter much to me. I thought it was beautiful, different and something I would definitely wear every day.

I told the man I would take the pendant. This day is starting out perfectly already. I did not expect to find something so quickly and for so little money. I called my parents immediately to tell them I found my pendant and it was well within their budget. They were very happy for me and I was so glad I decided to take this excursion into Manchester because it is turning out to be one spectacular day!

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Lady in Red


A friend of mine is hosting a huge, fancy party at her penthouse apartment in Manhattan. Normally I would not care much about these types of events, but a lot of my high school friends are going to be there so it is sort of a reunion and I am looking forward to seeing everyone. Unfortunately, I do not have any fancy jewelry to wear. I am going to be dressed in a stunning red strapless gown so I need something even more stunning around my neck to complement the dress. I live about an hour way in Long Island so I need to find gorgeous diamond necklaces priced under seven hundred dollars in Long Island, New York.

Diamond and Garnet Necklace

Long Island is loaded with jewelry stores so I should have no trouble finding something exceptional to wear to this formal affair. In fact, I already researched some local jewelers online to narrow down my search. Hey, Long Island is a big place and I do not have time to go to every jewelry store it has. So I narrowed my search down to three places and I am off to the first one on my list.

As I pulled up to the front of the store I could tell something was wrong. It was very dark inside and there were no other cars in sight. When I got to the front door, there was a sign that read “Closed for a Family Emergency”. Great. Now I am down to two possible places. Off to store number two on my list.

When I got to that store, at least I could see the lights were on and there were people inside of it. That is a good sign. I walked in to find lots of beautiful jewelry all on display. I have to admit, this was exciting to me. I went over to a woman who looked like she worked in the store and asked where the necklaces could be found.

“Follow me and I will take you there,” she answered. “What type of necklace are you looking for?”

“I would love a diamond necklace,” I responded. “But I need to keep it under seven hundred dollars if possible.”

“I’m sure we can find something in that price range for you with no problem,” she assured me.

That was music to my ears. As we walked over to the necklaces, I took a glance at all the other jewelry that was around me. So many beautiful bracelets, rings and earrings. I wanted it all, but I came here for a necklace so that is what I will get.

We stopped walking and a huge display of necklaces was right in front of me. Everything was stunning. I could not stop staring and imagining myself wearing every single one of them. Narrowing it down to just one was going to be difficult.

I gazed from one necklace to another. I could tell which ones were probably out of my price range so I tried to ignore those even though they were absolutely breathtaking.  And then there it was—the most spectacular and perfect necklace to go with my dress. The white gold chain link necklace had a diamond and ruby heart at the end of it. The inside ruby was the deepest red I had ever seen and it was surrounded by eighteen small diamonds. This would go perfectly with my red dress. I had to have this necklace.

“Excuse me,” I called out to the woman. “How much is this gorgeous necklace?”

“Oh, isn’t that just spectacular?” she said to me. “Let me see what kind of deal I can get you on this. I will be right back.”

No sooner did she leave than she was back and had a big smile on her face. That could only mean one thing—good news. She told me that the necklace normally cost seven hundred and fifty dollars, but since she knew I was on a tight budget, she could sell it to me for six hundred and ninety dollars. Wow! This was the greatest news ever! Of course I told her I would take it.

I cannot wait to go to this party and wear my stunning red gown with my gorgeous ruby and diamond necklace. I think I am going to have to find more formal affairs to go to so I can get the most out of this spectacular piece of jewelry.


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How to Find Cheap Diamond Earrings in the State Capital


Even though I have lived in Vermont for nearly a decade, I have never quite made it to Montpelier, the state’s capital. It is not like Vermont is a big state and the capital is too far away to visit, but I never had a reason to go there—until now. One of my sorority sisters from college is getting married there and I am going to her wedding in two days. The ride is about an hour away which is not bad. What is bad, however, is that I have no fancy jewelry to wear. It is a black tie affair which means it is super fancy. I am going to head out to Montpelier tomorrow, a day ahead of time, to see if I can find some stunning diamond earrings priced under nine hundred dollars in Montpelier, Vermont.


I realize it sounds like a lot of money to spend on diamond earrings, but they are not cheap in the first place. Plus, I actually have a few formal events coming up this year so I should get my money’s worth by purchasing a really spectacular pair of earrings. They do not have to be expensive. I just want something that is classy, sophisticated and looks good.

My bags are packed and I am ready to go. The drive should be quick since I am going after rush hour. I took the day off of work today so I can leave early and enjoy my visit to the great capital of Vermont. Make no mistake about it though, I am not walking into my quest blind. I already researched a few places that might have some earrings I like. I am not even going to stop at the hotel. The drive will take me right to the first jewelry shop on my list.

As I predicted, the ride in was quick and easy—so much so that I got to Montpelier and did some quick sightseeing through the city. I wish I had visited here sooner because it is so beautiful. I will definitely have to plan a trip back when I have more time to really see it all. But for now, I need to find my diamond earrings.

The first store on my list was on the outskirts of the city which I hope means that their prices are reasonable. When I did my research, they seemed to have a lot of discounted stuff so that seemed like a good place to start.

When I pull up to the store,it has lots of signs on the windowsthat read “Great Deals”, “Big Discounts” and “Best Prices in Town”. I sure hope those signs are true because I need a great deal, big discount and the best price in town.

“Hello,” a male voice called out to me. “What brings you in today?”

“Hi,” I responded. “I am looking for some diamond earrings that will not break my bank account. I saw in one of your ads that you have some really nice ones that are not too much money.”

“I sure do,” he assured me. “Step this way and I will show you what I have.”

I followed the nice man to a section of the store marked “Clearance”. I may not know very much about jewelry, but I know what clearance usually means. I was feeling really good about this.

He had a lot of jewelry on clearance and many pairs of earrings. One pair really stood out to me. They were dangling earrings set in both white gold and yellow gold. It was a cascade of loops that were all hanging down from one another. Each diamond loop got bigger as it got lower and they alternated between the yellow and white gold setting. What I liked a lot about them was that the two-tone style would easily match whatever I wear. I asked the man how much the earrings cost since they were on clearance.

“Let me take them out and I will let you know,” he told me.

He looked at the price tag and then went to his calculator. I guess he had to take the discount price off of the tag and figure out the cost. He came back within a few seconds and told me they cost seven hundred dollars. Even though it was a little high, it was within my budget and I absolutely loved them! I told the man I wanted them and he boxed them up for me.

I cannot wait to show off these stunning earrings at the wedding tomorrow. Oh, and I also cannot wait to see all my sorority sisters as well.

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